Fiber-glass Single-inlet Centrifugal Fan -Type F BCSF®

24,150.00$ 20,700.00$

The YFBCSL-S-2-650 is a backward curved centrifugal blower which gives you the efficiency you need


Fiber-glass Single-inlet Centrifugal Fan -Type F

Model: BCSF®

Application: Industrial Corrosion resistant exhaust, medium or heavy corrosion air exhaust

Airflow range: 700 ~ 143,900 m3/h

Static Pressure Range: 100 ~ 3,080Pa

Temperature Range:  20 ~ 120°C


Product Features:

Backward curved FRP wheel, corrosion resistance, high efficiency range and non-overload

Balance quality grade up to G4.0v(AMCAv204)

High-quality FRP material, high intensity, light weight and corrosion resistance

Precisely venturi inlet, less turbulent flow, high efficiency

Scroll joint is bonded by FRP seamless bonding technology, good gas leakage


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