Backward Curved SWSI Centrifugal Fan – Wheel Type R-YFBCSR

11,730.00$ 11,707.00$

Backward Curved SWSI Centrifugal Fan – Wheel Type R-YFBCSR is a ruggedly built fan that can be used for different application. It requires low maintenance and is almost noiseless.


Model: YFBCSR®

Application: General exhaust/supply, explosion-proof exhaust/supply, high temperature process

Airflow range:490 ~ 400,000 m3/h

Static Pressure Range: 70 ~ 7,500Pa

Temperature Range:  20 ~ 450°C

Operating Temperature: 300 ~ 3,500Pa


Product Features:

Advanced backward curved wheel-Type L design, high efficiency

Optimized design repeatedly of CFD flow field simulation to ensure aerodynamic performance complied with the flow field

Dynamically balanced up to G4.0 (AMCA 204) Extractable wheel design for easy maintenance

The hub and the wheel are strengthened and leak-proof thanks to the all-steel continuous welding method. Safety is also significantly improved during operation


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